SC’s basic organizational body is the monthly¬†General Assembly, at which all members participate in direct-democratic debate and decision-making.

In between GAs, routine decisions are made by the Coordinating Committee, made up of SC’s elected officers and 1 delegate from each Work Group.

SC’s on-the-ground work happens through Work Groups. SC’s current Work Groups are:

  • Outreach – flyering, canvassing, tabling, and contact follow-up.
  • Study Group – reads radical political theory together.
  • Ungovernable – works to help develop the Ungovernable2017 network initiated by Cooperation Jackson.
  • Culture Club – movie nights, picnics, folk music sing-alongs, and other artistic and social events.
  • Securityfull members only.
  • Serve the People

Contact us to learn how to attend a General Assembly or join a Work Group.