We’re glad you’re interested in joining our organization! SC is a pluralist group united around our work. So, we don’t have paper members – joining SC doesn’t mean filling out an online form.

Contact us to find out about events and meetings you can attend. Once you do so, you can initiate the joining process:

  1. Tell a Coordinating Committee member you want to apply for membership. You are then a Provisional Member.
  2. As a Provisional Member, you are assigned a mentor who will help you become part of SC’s work and political life, helping support you and answer your questions as you find your feet in the organization. Your mentor also helps conduct your 1-on-1 new member orientation.
  3. Once you’ve attended at least 2 General Assemblies, you’re eligible to be admitted as a Full Member by vote of the membership! You then sign a red membership card, begin paying monthly dues, and are eligible to vote for and hold elected positions.