As of today, the provisional CLP membership of Alice Summers of Sacramento, CA has been revoked. She no longer has permission to form a CLP chapter and does not in any capacity represent the Party.

CLP takes harassment and rape culture seriously. We will never tolerate that from members, provisional members, or anyone else.

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“Don’t Run for Office” by CLP’s Coordinating Secretary

Originally published on The North Star; reproduced in its entirety here.

NOTE: This article does not necessarily represent the views of the CLP, and does not express a position that the CLP has democratically adopted as its own. The analysis is the author’s.


Don’t Run for Office

by Sophia Burns

Neither desiring change nor protesting for it is enough to bring it about. Building awareness, consensus, and mass demonstrations? None of that’s easy, but by and large, the US Left has done it before and knows how to do it. We know what techniques can work. That’s what most of us are doing now, with incrementally growing success – Black Lives Matter, the Fight for 15, and the rehabilitation of the word “socialism” (for instance) are all already effecting shifts in popular consciousness. That’s important and grueling work, to be sure, but we know it’s not enough. There has to be some mechanism to actually implement what we want. As socialists, anarchists, and communists, we’re after deeper change than Campaign Zero-style modifications within the system. For us, the problem of the qualitative shift from desire to power is even sharper than for moderate reformers. Continue reading “Don’t Run for Office” by CLP’s Coordinating Secretary

CLP Chair Interview on The North Star

Interview originally published on The North Star. Reproduced in its entirety here.

Radical Activist Interview: Max S Morgan



Max S Morgan is the chair of the Communist Labor Party and an organizer for the CLP’s Harry Bridges Chapter in Tacoma, WA. In the first of what will be a series of interviews with on-the-ground radical activists, he agreed to talk with The North Star about his group’s unusual approach to revolutionary work.


The North Star: Describe for us the work you’re doing. Continue reading CLP Chair Interview on The North Star

Updates for the end of 2015

Hello friends,

This is just a short update to apologize for our lack of new content on our site here. Our comrades have been distracted by many good struggles, including the Fight for 15 in Oregon and Washington and participation in RAT-PAC. Due to this, and our sudden influx of new members, our progress on getting a more complete working platform has been delayed. But fear not! The Communist Labor Party remains active, and soon we should have a new webmaster to be taking better care of our site here.

2016 will be a big year for us, as we begin to consolidate the organizing work we’ve been doing in order to become a more effective and active party.

– Ian M., Media Coordinator

Bernie and the Long Game: What Should the Left Make of Sanders?

by Sophia Burns

Originally published on The North Star; reproduced in its entirety here.

The mainstream’s left wing enables us in spite of itself.

As Bernie Sanders commands more support from Democratic primary voters, the US far left has debated the relative wisdom of supporting – materially or morally – his presidential campaign. Greatly simplified, the dispute fundamentally asks: will endorsing Sanders help us organize within a working class that still admires Steve Jobs over Karl Marx, or will the senator just “sheepdog” us straight into the Democratic Party? Continue reading Bernie and the Long Game: What Should the Left Make of Sanders?