The Communist Labor Party is a multi-tendency political organization founded in 2015. Our goal is a system of participatory democracy based on the communal control of politics, culture, and economics. Since that can’t happen under capitalism, we support replacing it through socialist revolution.

Our method is Dual Power: a network of new, autonomous institutions that both meet people’s needs directly and resist the ruling class’s oppression – especially including white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, and ecological destruction. Because we’re democratic and nonsectarian, our members include Marxists, anarchists, and people who don’t like political labels but believe in doing the work. We’re united not around having all the answers already, but through our shared, on-the-ground political practice.

Membership happens through our Chapters. Contact us to get involved (or to start a new Chapter if there isn’t one near you!). And whether you do it through us or not, we hope you start building Dual Power in  your neighborhood, workplace, and community.