The Communist Labor Party is a new, nonsectarian, multi-tendency political party founded in 2015. Our goal is a system of participatory democracy based on the communal control of politics and the economy, where working, disabled, and oppressed people all have real freedom and self-determination.

Our method and philosophy is Dual Power. We’re working to build a network of new, autonomous institutions that both meet people’s needs outside the power of the ruling business owner class and resist existing systems of oppression. Our internal structure emphasizes membership democracy, cherishes disagreement, and resists leadership cliques; we’re here to do the work, not act like we have all the answers already.

We’re feminist, ecological, pro-unhoused people, pro-queer, and pro-trans, as well as anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-ableist, and against imperial war and the military-industrial complex. Above all, we’re for a revolution to replace the rule of the business owner class with a new system of democratic communism: of the people, by the people, and for the people.

If that piques your interest, check out our Chapters and stated positions. Contact us – we’d love to compare notes, answer questions, and get in touch locally. What kind of organizing are you doing? What kind would you like to see happen? Let us know – we’re here to build the movement, build the strength of our communities, and build Dual Power.